Student Chapters

    Being a student member of ISPE provides you with many opportunities to set your career in motion: meeting and networking with professionals, fine-tuning your skills, and developing solid interviewing practices are just some of the benefits our student members reap.

    The life sciences industry has opportunities for the following disciplines:

    • Engineering (Chemical, Industrial, Mechanical, Electronic/Electrical, Civil, Process, and Environmental)
    • Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Life Sciences (Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry)
    • Architecture, Construction, and Design
    • Computer Science and Engineering

    ISPE-CaSA Jane Brown Scholarship Program

    ISPE Student Resources

    ISPE Student Chapter Profile: The Universities of the CASA Chapter

    ISPE-CaSA Student Chapter Profile: North Carolina State University-December 2013


    ISPE Carolina-South Atlantic Student Chapters


    Campbell University
    Established  Fall 1995

    **Student Chapter of the Year, 2006**
    Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Buies Creek, NC

    Faculty Advisor: Mike Gallagher,
    ISPE Industry Advisor: Needed

    Student Chapter President: Radiance Gibson


    North Carolina Central University

    Established November 2006; Re-established October 2014
    Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise
    Durham, NC

    Faculty Advisor: Natacha Janvier-Derilus,
    ISPE Industry Advisor: Diane Darlington,

    Student Chapter Co-President:  Dea'Vion Godfrey


    North Carolina State University

    Established Fall 1995
    **Student Chapter of the Year 2010**
    Chemical Engineering Dept
    Raleigh, NC

    NCSU ISPE Student Chapter Website

    Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Charles Rutter,  and Danny Monroe
    ISPE Industry Advisor: Joel Youngblood,

    Student Chapter President: Elice Kitchen-McKinley


    East Carolina University

    Established May 2014
    Greenville, NC

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Loren Limberis,
    ISPE Industry Advisor: Dr. Mark Yates,

    Student Chapter President: Natalie Thompson


    Virginia Tech

    Established December 2013
    Blacksburg, VA

    Faculty Advisor:  Michael A. Berg, 
    ISPE Industry Advisor: LeAnna Marcum,

    Student Chapter President: Haley Bain
    Chapter Email p:


    Meredith College

    Established July 2016

    Raleigh, NC

    Faculty Advisor:  Jason Andrus,
    ISPE Industry Advisor: Marisol Hydock,

    Student Chapter President:  Delena Carcamo-Melgar


    Georgia Tech
    Atlanta, GA

    Established January 2019

    Faculty Advisor:  Fani Boukouvala,
    ISPE Industry Advisor: Dean Landers,

    Student Chapter President:  Courtney Smith


    UNC - Chapel Hill

    Established Fall 1999
    Chapel Hill, NC

    Faculty Advisor:  Roger Narayan,
    ISPE Industry Advisor:  Needed

    Student Chapter President:  Alex Woodall


    USC - Columbia
    Columbia, SC

    Established February 2019

    Faculty Advisor:  Kenneth Roberts,
    ISPE Industry Advisor:  Lindsey Miles,

    Student Chapter President:  Calen Raulerson



    Duke University, Durham, NC

    NC A&T University, Greensboro, NC