Membership Development Committee


    Our committee’s primary responsibility is attracting new members, retaining current members, and responding to Membership issues.  The following is a general overview of our annual activities:

    Road Shows

    • Determine date, time, and locations for Road Shows
    • Set up our Membership Table with our CaSA table cover at different facilities in our region to “get the word out” to potential ISPE members about our society, chapter, and local events.  Setup to include information about ISPE (including a slide show), CaSA logo items to give away, and membership applications
    • Typically 1-2 volunteers are needed to support the Membership Table for about two hours.  Volunteers can be from the Membership Development Committee or a CASA Board member

    Support CaSA Events and Work a Membership Table

    • Work closely with Networking and Education Committees to ensure success of events
    • Coordinate with the lead committee for each event to have a Membership Table set up with information about ISPE, CaSA logo items, and membership applications
    • Find 1-2 volunteers to support the Membership Table for the duration of the event (may be in shifts).  Volunteers can be from the lead committee for the event, the Membership Development Committee, a CaSA Board member, or any other CaSA volunteer

    Lost Member Contacts

    • Contacting former members, whose dues have lapsed, to invite them to return to our chapter
    • Inquire to why they did not renew their membership

    Membership Survey

    • Develop an annual Membership Survey
    • Coordinate the setup and distribution of the survey to our members
    • Summarize the feedback from the survey and prepare a report and recommendations to the CaSA Board of Directors

    Jeff Wiltgen, CAI, Chair